More About Me

I have always been a hard-worker.  I was selling catalog subscriptions and boxed goods when it was still safe to roam the neighborhood at eight years old.  On my fourteenth birthday, I obtained a worker’s permit from my school so I could sweep up at a small “Mom & Pop” shop on weekends.  They never even wanted to hire me, but I worked there 17 years.

Licensed as a Real Estate Agent, I seek to serve my community members with black and white honesty.  My mother was a real estate appraiser for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and I worked many years as her assistant driving her to survey comps and proof-reading her reports while mapping our next destinations with ADC books!  Today I understand the world moves fast, and my clients can expect priority-attention, transparency, and even my own style of frugality on their behalf.

Experienced in sales and service, confident and purposed towards the truth, my love of real estate stems from knowing that every property is a home, or a meal, or a dream.  My background in biological sciences with a specialty in technical water and machine maintenance gives me an edge while educating my clients and protecting their interests.

Let’s grow together by contacting me with any and all questions, and I’d be delighted to investigate for you!